Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys, Space or Mousebutton to shoot. 1-9 to change colors, 0 for default.

>> My Entry for GBJam 5, first time joining one! Currently placeholder-ish music.

Tank game with power ups and infinite random stages. Destroy the enemy high technology equipment in every stage. Destroyable stages, inspired by Battle City for NES and GB, but opposite goal of the game.

It's in German so I can have a funny game title.

Stage randomizer turned out better than expected.

There is currently 9 collectables and 4 permanent upgrade types which you can stack.

If you get stuck in a random stage and can't solve it, you will be given a power up after a bit of just surviving.

I am aware of two minor issues I am not that happy with. (Probably not enough time to fix... Some day)

Vielen Dank

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